What is the Celebrity Speed Typing Challenge?
The Celebrity Speed Typing Challenge is part of the Cincy Typing Challenge. It is an invitation-only contest that encourages local celebrities from the worlds of film, TV, radio, media, art, athletics and politics to determine who the fastest typist is. From the participants, the two fastest will be invited to the finals of the Cincy Typing Challenge at the Cincinnati Museum Center on July 25, 2013. They will compete head-to-head using a new mobile input device. In honor of the winner, a $500 donation will be made to WordPlay, a Cincinnati-based non-profit organization. If the winner word per minute is faster than 99 wpm, the donation to WordPlay will double to $1,000.
Who can participate?
This is an invitation-only event. Please contact pr@outliertech.com with any questions.
How will the winner be determined?
The preliminary rounds of the Celebrity Speed Typing Challenge will occur online from June 20 through July 12, 2013. Individuals invited to participate will be required to create an account to use the online speed typing software to test their speed and compete against other invited guests. A leaderboard will keep track of participant’s words per minute score. The top two contestants at the end of the preliminary round will be invited to participate in the finals on July 25, 2013 at the Cincinnati Museum Center. They will compete head-to-head using a new mobile input device to determine who is the fastest.
What is WordPlay?
WordPlay provides a creative and engaging “third place” for children, offering a safe and inspirational location outside the home and school where children are supported in literacy with homework help, reading skills, creative and expository writing, collaborative arts, and project-based learning that encourages self-expression. We aim to celebrate each child’s innate character, nurturing his or her natural passion to create and helping to build confidence, self-worth, and constructive social engagement. Visit www.wordplaycincy.org for more information.
Can I participate in both the Celebrity Speed Typing Challenge and the Cincy typing Challenge?
Yes. Register for the Cincy Typing Challenge here.